Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Untold Story

The secret that I carry
Is the untold story
That makes me cry silently
So that no one could see

Pretending that I'm happy
With every little thing around me
But there's still a hidden misery
The untold between you and me

I see you smile perfectly
Without any feel of guilty
Left my scars and wounds as a history
Now I wonder, were "we" only a fantasy

Monday, October 16, 2017

My ego doesn't let you go

Have you ever discover the nebula,

Float in the Milky Way like a good fella

Remember me every time you could, will ya..

Coz forever I will be your Cinderella


They said that sky is beautiful above me

But now I want to be your galaxy

Call me silly for being so greedy

Perhaps I’d never let you only be my history
at Belitung - Indonesia

Monday, October 9, 2017

Bali, 19-21 May 2017

Whole team Acer 2016

Liquid Team
The moment

Andixi - Wisnu  - Papi Egie - Haris

Our Presdir Mr. Herbet Ang

Night moves

Beautiful dance from Bali


Kecak Dance

Part of Kecak Dance

Lisra - Rebecca - Pak Firdaus - Me

Panas terik , tetep semangattt

Adek kesayangan finance

Barong bali

our own kind of 'beautiful'

gala dinner at Kuta

pretty finance ladies

nunggu makanan, laperrr

learning kecak dance

ready to escape the night


lagi akurrr

Kecak at Kuta Beach - Bali

fun games!

dempetin teruss


panas terik yaowo..

Iin in green

keep moving!

united as one

sebelum pepanasan

at Kuta

Me - Lisra - Ci Early

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Pak Leo, a very talented tax manager

Pak Firdaus, babeh finance controller yg anak d humnya aja 6, di kantor 11


it makes me wanna swim

para buaya darat

afternoon street

2 lelaki somplak

row row row your boat

Daniel Legawa; our photographer

Purbha, kesayangan ciwi2 finance