Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tea Time with You

And there we go again
With some sweets, dramas n says
No bad feeling remained
Just us in a space without flame

Time wasted, thoughts shared
Somehow I glad you were there

Monday, October 17, 2016


We are the dots on the paper
With our own sketch, our own stories
We don't know will we become friends forever
Pursuing our dreams and put it into the wish list

For we know how hurts how loved
To live after the before
For we feel how cursed how blessed
To be graceful with another open doors

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Rockbottom

I do wanna say good night
And hug you tight
But that's not right

Coz in the morning I'd just be fine
And grateful of what's mine

I do wanna say good night
And turn off the light
Hoping you were here by my side

And by the dawn I'd be just fine
I would be fine, I would be shine

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Page

Everyday I stand and play on my stage
Holding onto what they called a gravity
Every second I think I am on my edge
Time change the show into another history

I don't need the magic mirror on the wall
To pretend and say that I am good enough
I know how it feels when I fall, and fall
Until one day I could remember and laugh
Again I be friends with the ground
Who love me a loser, not a winner
In silence I hope I'd be found
By the lover for this sinner

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Long Distance

That day
I was on the train after breaking up with you
Thinking about the tomorrow that would come

I took it for granted that I would see you the next day
Long distance...
What are you doing now?
That song I used to listen back then
Every time I hear it, I still remember you

You always said
You couldn't do anything by yourself
You used to try so hard

But when you left
You said you'd do everything by yourself

Long distance
What are you thinking now?
The words of goodbye you murmured..
Disappeared in the autumn sky

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Bau Hujan

Bau hujan mengusik inderaku
Perlahan menyelam dalam sang ingatan
Samar tercium aroma tubuhmu
Yang lama tak pernah lagi kuhirup

Sejenak kubiarkan wajahmu disana
Dalam memori yang ingin kulupakan
Terdiam aku tanpa air mata
Memeluk kesendirian

Malam belum berlalu
Seperti perasaanku padamu
Masih ada rindu membuncah
Untuk tiap pelukan dalam bau hujan

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I wish I could have no heart, so that I won`t cry this bad
I wish I could have no feel, then I would pretend that this is not real

It`s striking me down
It`s hurting me much

We never hold hands,
We always pretend
In front of those friends
Until the end

And now you began
Leaving me these wounds
And I wish, my friend
That all this would end

For every kiss
For every touch
For every hug
For every laugh

For every dream
For every thing
For every time
For every moment

Into every lie
Into every cry
Into every wound
Into every scar

Into every scream
Into every fight
Into every tear
Into every feel

I wish I could have no heart, so that I won`t cry this bad
I wish I could have no feel, then I would pretend that this is not real